Soldiers Relief Fund

Soldiers Relief Fund
Boonville Enquirer, Warrick County, Indiana, 186?

List of Allowances ordered to be paid out of the Soldiers Relief Fund.
(from a publicized rendering of county accounts)

Soldiers Relief Fund

Elizabeth RIGGS$15.00
Lena MOORE$17.00 
Jessee GENTRY, Guardian$10.00
Charlott PERRY $17.00
S. A. WILLIAMS$15.00
Margaret A. HART$21.00
Edmund PHILLIPS, Gurdian of WALLACES' heirs$  5.00
Ben McCOOL, Guardian of WRIGHTS' heirs$  5.00
Masterson CLARK, Guardian of THOMAS' heirs$10.00
LeviWILKERSON, Guar. HALES' heirs$10.00
Wm. TAYLOR, Guar. TAYLORS heirs$20.00
Amanda FUQUAY, Guardian FUQUAY's heirs$19.00 
T.W. HAMMONDS, Guardian MILLER's heirs$20.00
James T. CLARK, Guardian BLACK's heirs$20.00
Mahala MCGINNISS$19.00
Margaret BELLANNY$13.00
Berry ELLISON$20.00
Permelia CROW$17.00
Mary A. WILSON$17.00
Nancy STEPHENSON$23.00
Nancy HADLEY$19.00
W.C. DIAL$20.00
Sarah SEEVERS$19.00
Anna OSBORN$29.00
Mary J. VINCENT$19.00
Laura J. STEPHENS$21.00
Polly A. OSBORN$13.00
Susan MORROW$17.00
Jessee FULLER, Guar. BOYER's heirs$30.00
Moses SMITH's heirs$20.00
Hesekiah RUSS' heirs$30.00
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