Beavers Cemetery, Lexington Indiana

This long-abandoned cemetery was cleaned and restored by the Scott County Cemetery Commission this past summer (1973). It is located in the northeast part of Lexington Township south of Hog Creek and its east boundary is the Scott-Jefferson County Line. It is in the southeast fourth of Section 15, T3N, R. & E. on land entered 5/25/1825 by Solonmon D. Monroe. A road now abandoned, once led to it, but now the only access by walking in about 1/2 mile north from County Road 900E. There are 31 marked burials but there are, as usual in old cemeteries, many more graves marked only by sunken spots or rough stones.

– This article was found in the Scott County Chronicle.

Abandoned since 1915, this isolated cemetery on the Scott County Jefferson County Line, is on a hilltop in a heavily wooded area, accessible only via a slate bottom creek in dry weather; otherwise, through weed-grown fields. It is .7 mile south of State Road 56, off Road 1233W.

A few rough field stones and sunken areas may indicate burials not otherwise marked.

This cemetery has been cleaned and restored by the Scott County Cemetery Commission.


BEAVERS, Thomas Died: 11/20/1863, Age: 68 yrs., 4 mos., 15 days
Consort of Susannah

” Susannah 5/27/1794-3/5 1882 , wife of Thomas

” William M. Died: 12/21/1846, Age: 11 yrs., 3 mos., 2 days
Son of T. & S.

BEAVERS, Asa H. 5/18/1831-1/30/1862

” *Mary J. Died: 1875, Age: 27 yrs., 4 mos., 1 day
Wife of A. H.

” Asa H. 10/29/1861-1/14/1862, son of A. H. & M. .J.

” Infant daughter of A. & M., Died: 12/11/1842, Age: 3 days

” Charles 8/10/1852-10/13/1852, son of A. H. & M. J.

” William E. 1/27/1856-1/15/1858, son of A. H. & M. J.

Asa H. Beavers & Mary J. Reynolds were married in 1851.

*The only legible stone we found in July 1987 was the footstone M.J.B.

BEAVERS, Thomas W. 6/6/1856-2/25/1858, son of J. T. & E. J.

DAVIS, Benjamin Died: 2/3/1848, Age: 72 yrs.

DAVIS, Sarah J. Died: 6/25/1853, Age: 2 mos., 25 days
Daughter of E. & S. J.

Ed Davis married Sarah Beavers in 1841. Perhaps they are the parents of Sarah J.

FIELD, Samuel A. 12/11/1828-3/5/1909

” Mary C. Died: 2/1/1861, Age: 31 yrs., 11 mos., 5 days
wife of Samuel A.

Samuel A. Field & Mary C. Beavers were married in 1859.

” William W. Died: 5/7/1860, Age: 2mos., 2 days
son of S. A. & M. C.

” Sarah E. 2/10/1842-(No Date), wife of Samuel

FIELDS, Mary G. L. 6/3/1857-12/11/1876, daughter of S.A. & M.C.

” Alice E. 4/2/1863-12/22/1863, daughter of S.A. & S. E.

FITCH, John 4/12/1811-4/21/1864

John Fitch married Cynthia Beavers in 1838.

HUGHES, Charles W. 11/13/1861-(No Date)

” Lyda A. 8/16/1867-4/19/1909, wife of C.W.

MONROE, Asa L. 7/7/1851-3/11/1852, son of W. Y. & M.

William Y. Monroe married Margaret Beavers in 1845.

MOORE, Samuel C. 1843-1915

PERKINSON, Elisha T. 8/10/1847-11/7/1855, son of L. & C.

” Harriet A. 9/19/1857-3/19/1859, daughter of L. & C.

ROYCE, Catharine C. 4/28/1827-8/1/1856, wife of Charles S.

” Caroline L. 3/9/1851-9/10/1851, daughter of C. S. & C. C.

” Thomas Died: 3/6/1858, Age: 2 yrs., 5 mos., 9 days
son of C. & C.

” Rosey Mae Died: 7/23/1864, Age. 1 yr., 8 days
daughter of C. & S.

” Cora C. 1/11/1869-10/19/1887, daughter of C. S. & Sarah E.

Charles S. Royce married Catherine C. Beavers in 1850.

ROYCE, Sardius 3/20/1795-4/19/1867

” Mariah 7/15/1800-2/4/1872

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