Boone County

Topography of Boone County Indiana

BOONE COUNTY is bounded north by Clinton, east by Hamilton, south by Marion and Hendricks, and west by Montgomery. It is twenty-four miles long from east to west, and seventeen miles wide, and contains 408 square miles. The south-eastern, western and north-western portions are agreeably undulating; the interior generally level. The county was organized in 1830, and was named after the celebrated Daniel Boone, whose love of forest life, enterprise and disinterestedness were prototypes of much that is still admirable in western manners. The population of the county was 622 in 1830, 8,121 in 1840, and at this time at […]

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1878 Names and P. O. Addresses of Farmers in Indiana

1878 Boone County Farmers

As a “housewarming” gift from Sheryl McClure, the present SC of Indiana AHGP we received this list of farmers, and their post office addresses for 1878. Sheryl extracted this from the “Names and P. O. Addresses of Farmers in Indiana” published in 1878 by P.P. Mast & Co., in Springfield, OH. The data is specific to Boone County Indiana and lists the names of farmers along with their post office. Surname Given Post Office Adair John Jr. Lebanon Adair John Sr. Lebanon Adair William Lebanon Alford Andrew Zionsville Alford M. Zionsville Almond E. Zionsville Anderson H. S. Zionsville Anderson James

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Boone County Indiana Census Records

A “Census for Indiana Territory for 1807”, compiled by Rebah Fraustein, was published by the Indiana Historical Society in 1980. In truth this manuscript is actually a “voter’s list”. No other state censuses exist, although state enumerations of males (without names) above age twenty-one were taken at various intervals beginning in 1820. Boone County Indiana first came into existence in 1830 and that is also when the first official census was taken of it’s inhabitants. From then on, a census was taken every 10 years up to the present time. 1830 Census 1830 Boone County Census, Page 200 1840 Census

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Boone County Indiana Queries

I invite you to enter a query for your Boone County Indiana ancestors. A few basic rules for posting your query: Your query must have an Boone county connection or it will not be posted. Please put the date, your name and email address on the first line. Please do not post queries for tracing living individuals. Please do not post information on living individuals. Please be specific, do not just list a surname in your query. Please be sure to include at least one date in your query, even if its approximate.(See example) Please use capitalization on surname only.(See

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Boone County Indiana Cemetery Records

The following are transcriptions and photos for cemeteries found within Boone County Indiana Cemeteries in Boone County, Indiana This list contains each cemetery found within Boone County Indiana and the libraries which have records of the actual cemetery transcriptions. Contained with each listing is the exact location of the cemetery in each township. At the end of the list are additional cemeteries whose records can be found within the libraries of Boone County. Boone County Cemeteries This PDF file contains 13,400 + entries from cemetery reading, obituaries and funeral home books. Cemetery Transcriptions Beck Cemetery Brush Creek Cemetery Cason Cemetery

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Boone County Indiana Newspaper Records

Various Obituaries of Boone County Indiana Boone’s County Newspaper Clippings Indexes to newspaper clippings from Lebanon Reporter & Indianapolis Star of birth, engagement, marriage, anniversary and death notices 1931-1944 1936-1944 1945-1950 1951-1958 1966-1996 1997-2000 with misc. years 1922, 1973, 1990, and 1994 July 6, 2001-June 10, 2002 2002 2003 2004 January – July 2005 August – December 2005 January – June 2, 2006 July – December 2006 January – May 19, 2007 May 20 – September 13, 2007 September 10 – December 31, 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013   Lebanon Patriot & Weekly Patriot Indexes Online Index of

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