1878 Boone County Farmers

1878 Names and P. O. Addresses of Farmers in Indiana
Title page to Names and P. O. Addresses of Farmers in Indiana

As a “house-warming” gift from Sheryl McClure, the present SC of Indiana AHGP we received this list of farmers and their post office addresses for 1878. Sheryl extracted this from the “Names and P. O. Addresses of Farmers in Indiana” published in 1878 by P.P. Mast & Co., in Springfield, OH. The data is specific to Boone County Indiana only, and lists the names of farmers along with their post office.

1878 Names and P. O. Addresses of Farmers in Indiana

SurnameGivenPost Office
AdairJohn Jr. Lebanon
AdairJohn Sr. Lebanon
AdairWilliam Lebanon
AlfordAndrew Zionsville
AlfordM. Zionsville
AlmondE. Zionsville
AndersonH. S. Zionsville
AndersonJames Zionsville
AndersonW. N. Zionsville
ApplegateO. P. Thorntown
ApplegateOliver Thorntown
AsburyJoseph Zionsville
AshleyThomas Jamestown
AtchisonJ. J. Zionsville
AtchisonW. J. Zionsville
BaberWilliam Jamestown
BadenSamuel Whitestown
BakeE. P. Lebanon
BakerJohn Jamestown
BallJohn M. Lebanon
BallardJoe Jamestown
BarnhardAmbrose Whitestown
BarnhillDavid Zionsville
BarnhillRobert Zionsville
BeakmanThomas Jamestown
BeardDavid Zionsville
BeasleyJohn E. Lebanon
BeatyJohn Whitestown
BeckEdwin Jamestown
BeckJohn Whitestown
BeckJohn A. Lebanon
BeckJohn S. Lebanon
BeckLarkin Zionsville
BeckWesley Jamestown
BeelerJesse H. Zionsville
BeelerJoseph Zionsville
BeelerWilliam Zionsville
BeelerPhilip Zionsville
BellJames Northfield
BellJames Zionsville
BerkleySamuel Whitestown
BerryClay Zionsville
BiggRason Jamestown
BinfordDave Thorntown
BinfordDavid Thorntown
BishopElias Whitestown
BlackJohn Lebanon
BlackburnJohn Lebanon
BohannonWiley Whitestown
BooherV. L. Whitestown
BookerBen Whitestown
BowenAra Zionsville
BowenJesse Zionsville
BowenMr. Zionsville
BradburyTurner Jamestown
BraesheadWilliam Lebanon
BraggJames Lebanon
BrakefieldEly Zionsville
BrandJohn W. Thorntown
BranghardJames T. Lebanon
BreedloveG. W. Zionsville
BreeseMoses Lebanon
BrendleEd Zionsville
BrendleJohn F. Zionsville
BrinkleyMartin Zionsville
BrockGeorge Zionsville
BrockPryor Zionsville
BrockSamuel N. Zionsville
BrondJohn Thorntown
BrownJohn C. Lebanon
BrownJohn S. Thorntown
BrownSeth Thorntown
BruntHenry Jamestown
BuchananSam Zionsville
BuddEto Jamestown
BurnsPatric Zionsville
BushA. Jamestown
BuskitWilliam Zionsville
BussellHarvey Zionsville
BussellManson Zionsville
BussellW. H. Zionsville
ByrketGeorge Whitestown
CaldwellAlvin Elizaville
CaldwellEdward Lebanon
CaldwellJames H. Thorntown
CaldwellJohn Thorntown
CaldwellJohn R. Thorntown
CaldwellMilton Jamestown
CaldwellNat Jamestown
CaldwellRobert A. Thorntown
CaldwellThomas Thorntown
CaldwellWilliam Thorntown
CampbellDick Thorntown
CampbellJohn Thorntown
CampbellM. D. Jr. Thorntown
CampbellM. D. Sr. Thorntown
CampbellMike Thorntown
CamplinJ. H. & Son Jamestown
CareyWilliam Whitestown
CareyWilliam G. Thorntown
CarrMadison Whitestown
CartherRichard Zionsville
CaryWilliam O. Whitestown
CasanWilliam N. Thorntown
CaseJonas Zionsville
ChambersLewis Jamestown
ChawnerJohn Thorntown
CinhautzJohn K. Lebanon
ClarkStephen Thorntown
ClarkSteven Thorntown
ClashB. Y. Zionsville
ClineSanford Whitestown
ClowHenry Zionsville
CollinIsaac Zionsville
ConnWilliam Zionsville
ConoverSkank Zionsville
ConradC. W. Zionsville
ConradGeorge Thorntown
ConradMartin Zionsville
ConradN. H. Zionsville
ConradRichard Zionsville
CookSamuel Jamestown
CoombsNelson Jamestown
CoombsW. H. Jamestown
CouchJ. B. Jamestown
CoxAmbraus Thorntown
CoxAsa Thorntown
CoxAustin Zionsville
CoxDaniel Jamestown
CoxGeorge Jr. Jamestown
CoxGeorge Sr. Jamestown
CoxJohn White Lick
CragunHiram Whitestown
CragunHiram Zionsville
CragunNeb Whitestown
CragunNeb Zionsville
CrainSamuel M. Whitestown
CroseBenjamin Jr. Thorntown
CroseBenjamin Sr. Thorntown
CroseDavid Thorntown
CrossBen Thorntown
CrossDave Thorntown
CrossJohn Jamestown
CrossJohn Zionsville
CrossLem Zionsville
CrumpW. C. Jamestown
CruseSolomon Zionsville
CullyRobert Zionsville
CumminsJ. R. Zionsville
CunninghamAlfred Lebanon
CunninghamMarion Jamestown
DaleAmbrose Lebanon
DaleJames Jamestown
DarnellLysander Lebanon
DarroughAlbert Thorntown
DarroughJames Thorntown
DarroughJohn Q. Thorntown
DarroughSamuel Thorntown
DavenportM. S. Zionsville
DavenportMilton Zionsville
DavisDavid White Lick
DavisJohn P. Jamestown
DavisonJim Zionsville
DayElijah Jamestown
DerviseS. P. Jamestown
DevolFrank Lebanon
DitzenbergerJacob Whitestown
DodsonH. T. Lebanon
DodsonRobert Zionsville
DodsonW. H. Zionsville
DomenspeckJack Zionsville
DoneEly Zionsville
DooleyEsquire White Lick
DorleyWilliam Northfield
DoyleEdward White Lick
DukesStroder Thorntown
DulinHenry Whitestown
DulinJohn Whitestown
DurhamJohn Jamestown
DuvalJames Lebanon
DyeIngram Zionsville
DyeJohn Zionsville
DyeWilliam Zionsville
EacretW. H. Zionsville
EdwardJ. Y. Zionsville
EisenhourGeorge Whitestown
EisenhourInaheus Whitestown
EisenhourIsaac Whitestown
EisenhourJames Whitestown
ElliottJohn Jamestown
EmberJohnny Zionsville
EmblerFrank Zionsville
EmmertWash Jamestown
ErgenbrightJ. M. Jamestown
EssexJesse Zionsville
EssexJoe Zionsville
EssexJoshua Zionsville
EssexWilliam Zionsville
EtterJoseph Whitestown
EvansEvan Lebanon
EvansThomas Lebanon
FallWilliam Thorntown
FarnelDavid Jamestown
FarrellJohn Lebanon
FergusonGeorge W. Thorntown
FergusonJohn R. Thorntown
FinleyWilliam Zionsville
FishAvery Lebanon
FitchAlfred Zionsville
FlaniganArchibald Thorntown
FlaniganJoseph Thorntown
FordJ. B. Lebanon
FormanCharley Zionsville
FoutsJohn Zionsville
FrenchGeorge Zionsville
FrenchGeorge Jr. Zionsville
FrinkRufus Zionsville
FullenE. A. Jamestown
FullenwiderMoses Whitestown
FullenwiderSam Whitestown
FultzDaniel Zionsville
FunkhouserGideon Whitestown
GardnerAllen Jamestown
GardnerJohn Zionsville
GatesPeter Zionsville
GearGeorge Whitestown
GerhartIsaac Thorntown
GibsonIsaac Thorntown
GibsonJohn Jamestown
GillaspieF. C. Jamestown
GochenourF. Whitestown
GoodHenry Whitestown
GoodwinWilliam Whitestown
GopinSteve Thorntown
GoyerGeorge Whitestown
GreenB. Zionsville
GreenScott Thorntown
GregoryB. M. Zionsville
GregoryThomas Thorntown
GregoryW. L. Lebanon
GrimesHarrison Thorntown
GrinkEd Zionsville
GroutW. W. Whitestown
GullionHenry Lebanon
HallJohn L. Lebanon
HammellR. W. Thorntown
HarlenEsquire Northfield
HarmonAbe Whitestown
HarmonJ. Zionsville
HarmonJacob Whitestown
HarmonJames D. Zionsville
HarmonWilliam Whitestown
HarnerDr. K. Zionsville
HarrisFrank Thorntown
HarveyAndy Zionsville
HauserGeorge Whitestown
HawkinsJohn Zionsville
HaworthWarner Thorntown
HeadManson Zionsville
HeadyAminon Lebanon
HeadyEmro Jamestown
HeathJohnson Jamestown
HeatherHenry Zionsville
HeckathornWill Jamestown
HedgesJohn W. Lebanon
HedrickAbe Whitestown
HedrickLevi Whitestown
HeilGeorge Jamestown
HenadayJap Zionsville
HendersonMitchell Thorntown
HendricksJames Jamestown
HenryThompson Jamestown
HessingP. K. Zionsville
HesterAaron V. Jamestown
HigginsJohn Thorntown
HigginsWill Lebanon
HillJames Thorntown
HillRichard Zionsville
HineP. Whitestown
HineWilliam Whitestown
HixonCharles Lebanon
HollensworthNero Northfield
HollingsworthAbraham Thorntown
HollingsworthEben Thorntown
HollingsworthFrank Zionsville
HolmesJ. N. Thorntown
HooverE. A. Zionsville
HooverJohn Zionsville
HornadayJohn Zionsville
HornadaySam Zionsville
HornadySam Zionsville
HornerJohn Thorntown
HornerJonathan Thorntown
HornerNewt Thorntown
HornerNewton Thorntown
HornerThomas B. Thorntown
HortingHiram Jamestown
HostetterW. H. Jamestown
HowardA. L. Lebanon
HowardDr. A. Jamestown
HowertonL. W. Zionsville
HuffmanJohn Zionsville
HuffmanP. A. Thorntown
HuffmanThomas Jamestown
HullAndrew Whitestown
HullIra Whitestown
HuntRev. L. H. Jamestown
HusseyWilliam Zionsville
HutchisonJonathan Zionsville
HuttonWilliam Zionsville
ImblerFrank Sr. Zionsville
IsenhourWilliam Whitestown
IsenhowerWilliam Lebanon
JacksonAllen Thorntown
JaynesRichard Thorntown
JessupJohn Zionsville
JettPrest Thorntown
JohnsJake Sr. Zionsville
JohnstonPeter Lebanon
JonesJacob Sr. Zionsville
JonesJames Zionsville
JonesJosiah Jamestown
JonesThomas Northfield
JonesW. P. Northfield
JonsonPatrick White Lick
JulianAllen Jamestown
KennedyJ. C. Thorntown
KenneyPeter White Lick
KennodleGeorge Thorntown
KernAdam Lebanon
KernodleJ. W. Jamestown
KernoellerJohn Lebanon
KernsW. C. Lebanon
KerseyJoseph H. Lebanon
KibbyJ. H. Jamestown
KincadeAnthony Lebanon
KincadeFrederick Whitestown
KincadeS. Thorntown
KiseJohn W. Lebanon
KleizerM. C. Lebanon
KlinglesWilliam Zionsville
KlizerJames Lebanon
KounceJohn Northfield
LakinL. S. Lebanon
LaneC. H. Whitestown
LaneJames Northfield
LaneNealy Whitestown
LaneRobert Zionsville
LaneWilliam Zionsville
LaphamDoc Whitestown
LarimoreGeorge Sr. Zionsville
LarimoreWill Zionsville
LarshWilliam Thorntown
LaughnerAmbrose Whitestown
LaughnerAndy Whitestown
LeagenD. P. Lebanon
LeeDory Zionsville
LeeJohn Whitestown
LemonWilliam Jr. Zionsville
LewisAnderson Zionsville
LewisP. Zionsville
LewisWilliam Zionsville
LiebhardtD. Zionsville
LivengoodWilliam Whitestown
LongJohn H. Zionsville
LongW. T. Zionsville
LongWeil Jamestown
LoringArthur E. Lebanon
LoughnerHenry Whitestown
LouisE. P. Lebanon
LovelessB. F. Thorntown
LoweFred Zionsville
LowryJohn H. Jamestown
LucasGeorge Whitestown
LudlowSamuel Lebanon
LuttonJake Zionsville
LuttonJerry Zionsville
MaffetJ. Thorntown
MaggardAsa Lebanon
MalisJames Lebanon
MannerM. M. Lebanon
MarklandJefferson Whitestown
MarshHarvey Whitestown
MartinLevi Jamestown
MartinT. H. Lebanon
MarvinH. Whitestown
MastersSamuel Thorntown
MaxwellAlpheus Thorntown
MaxwellMoses Thorntown
McCannR. C. Lebanon
McCormickA. D. Lebanon
McDanielIra White Lick
McDanielSamuel Jamestown
McElvainDavid Zionsville
McGeeTom Zionsville
McGuireWilliam Zionsville
McLeanJohn Jr. Jamestown
MillerJohn Zionsville
MillerLewis Thorntown
MillerWilliam Whitestown
MillsJ. M. Zionsville
MillsMilton Thorntown
MillsT. P. Zionsville
MillsW. J. Zionsville
MillsWilliam Zionsville
MillsWilliam H. Thorntown
MitchellL. D. Jamestown
MondayHiram Whitestown
MonnettW. D. Lebanon
MontgomeryMarion Lebanon
MooreAlex Whitestown
MooreAndrew J. Thorntown
MooreT. S. Jamestown
MooreWilliam Thorntown
MorrisJohn W. Lebanon
MorrisonJohn Thorntown
MoultinJohn M. Zionsville
MurphyJohn Northfield
MyersJ. W. Jamestown
NeelDory Lebanon
NeesMoses Whitestown
NeeseAmbrose Whitestown
NeeseGeorge A. Whitestown
NeeseMoses Whitestown
NeffJohn Jamestown
NelsonThomas Jamestown
NewmanJohn J. Lebanon
NicelyGeorge Jamestown
NicelyLewis Jamestown
NicelyWill Jamestown
NicholsO. H. Zionsville
NolanWilliam Thorntown
NorwoodGeorge Northfield
NorwoodGeorge Zionsville
OliveJohn Lebanon
OttingerHenry Whitestown
OttingerJ. D. Whitestown
OttingerP. Whitestown
OttingerWiley Lebanon
ParkinsReuben Elizaville
ParrJacob Northfield
PartnerMr. Lebanon
PauleyBenjamin Whitestown
PeiperB. F. Lebanon
PerkinsJohn Lebanon
PerrellNathan Zionsville
PetersJohn H. Whitestown
PetersJohn S. Lebanon
PhillipsAmos White Lick
PitmanJohn Northfield
PitzerSidney Whitestown
PorterA. G. Lebanon
PowellJames Elizaville
PowellT. J. Lebanon
PriestPeter Lebanon
PritchardWill Zionsville
QuickJohn Lebanon
RaderWilliam Whitestown
RayAllen Zionsville
RayJohn Zionsville
ReesOliver Thorntown
RevealGeorge Zionsville
RichersonWilliam Northfield
RichieMilton Lebanon
RileyCharles Lebanon
RileyJames Thorntown
RobinsonW. J. Elizaville
RoderP. Lebanon
RodgersSamuel Jamestown
RogersEdward Thorntown
RogersMoses Thorntown
RolinHenry Jamestown
RoseFrank Jamestown
RoseWilliam Thorntown
RossJ. T. Lebanon
RunnerWilliam Whitestown
RyniersonBenjamin Jamestown
SandersA. J. Zionsville
SanknerAndrew Whitestown
SaundersHal Whitestown
SchenkDaniel Whitestown
SchofieldWilliam Zionsville
SchoolerCharles Whitestown
SchoolerJ. W. Whitestown
SchoolerJohn H. Whitestown
ScottC. W. Lebanon
ScottGeorge Lebanon
ScottWilliam Whitestown
ScottSilas Whitestown
SedwickVand Northfield
SellersDan Zionsville
ShawJohn W. Zionsville
ShawNelson Zionsville
ShawWill Zionsville
ShelburnG. W. Whitestown
ShelburnJim Zionsville
ShelburnJohn Zionsville
ShelburnT. H. Zionsville
ShelburneBenjamin Zionsville
ShelburneManson Zionsville
ShirleyLevi White Lick
ShirleyMathew Lebanon
ShockleyG. W. Jamestown
ShoemakerGeorge Whitestown
ShullDavik Thorntown
SilversGeorge Elizaville
SilversWilliam Zionsville
SimpsonMart Zionsville
SimsW. W. Lebanon
SlaterJohn Lebanon
SliferWilliam Thorntown
SlitzSandy Zionsville
SlocumRobert Thorntown
SmithB. K. Lebanon
SmithCalvin Whitestown
SmithEli White Lick
SmithIsaac Jamestown
SmithJordan Whitestown
SmithMartin Zionsville
SmithRobert White Lick
SmithWill Zionsville
SpaughJohn Zionsville
SpenceA. O. Lebanon
SprongDavid Zionsville
SprongJohn Zionsville
StaleyJames Thorntown
StarkeJames Lebanon
StarksAlbert Whitestown
StarksJames Whitestown
StarksJohn Whitestown
StatenWilliam Whitestown
StatonWilliam Whitestown
StephensonGeorge Zionsville
StevensonGeorge Northfield
StinsonJohn Zionsville
StoltzGeorge Lebanon
StoopsGeorge Lebanon
StultzEd Zionsville
StultzFrank Zionsville
StultzGeorge Zionsville
StultzWill Zionsville
StutlzJim Zionsville
SullivanRobert Whitestown
SumateFelix Lebanon
SwainN. Zionsville
SwainNathaniel Zionsville
SwindelRobert Whitestown
SwopeJoseph Elizaville
SymonsMorris Zionsville
TaborW. Whitestown
TaylorJame Thorntown
TaylorJohn Thorntown
TaylorLoud Thorntown
TaylorMarion Thorntown
TaylorRiley Thorntown
TaylorWilliam Lebanon
ThayerDaniel Lebanon
ThomasCharles Lebanon
ThomasElijah Zionsville
ThomasN. Zionsville
ThomasRobert Zionsville
ThreewitsJames Whitestown
TiptonScott Northfield
TitusM. C. Lebanon
TitusSamuel Thorntown
TomlinsonNathan Whitestown
TrotterAnderson Jamestown
TroutJames Whitestown
TuckerDandridge Jamestown
TylerW. S. Lebanon
UtterThomas Thorntown
UtterbackCid Whitestown
ValentineW. Lebanon
VanandelJ. Jamestown
VenisJohn Thorntown
ViceJohn Thorntown
WalkerHenry Lebanon
WalkerJohn Jamestown
WalkerJoseph Lebanon
WallsJoseph Lebanon
WallsW. B. Lebanon
WaltersOtis Lebanon
WaymierRev. Jamestown
WeaverJohn Zionsville
WeedEd Lebanon
WestJohn Whitestown
WestJohn E. Northfield
WestSam Whitestown
WheelerJudson Northfield
WhiteJohn Thorntown
WhiteSilas Zionsville
WhiteW. F. White Lick
WhiteWilliam Zionsville
WhiteWillis Thorntown
WhitsettJohn Lebanon
WhittJohn W. Thorntown
WileyJohn Zionsville
WileySamuel Elizaville
WillHenry C. Lebanon
WillerB. W. Jamestown
WilliamsElijah White Lick
WilliamsJohn Zionsville
WilliamsonW. H. Jamestown
WillsJames Lebanon
WilsonLafayette Whitestown
WilsonWilliam M. Jamestown
WinecoopHenry Lebanon
WoodardFrank Whitestown
WoodlyRobert Thorntown
WoodsDaniel Lebanon
WoodsGeorge Elizaville
WoodsWesley Zionsville
WoodyJames Thorntown
WoodyNathan Thorntown
WoolenEdward White Lick
WrenGeorge S. Jamestown
WyattElonzo Jamestown
WysongJohn Lebanon
WysongJohn Whitestown
YanselJ. Zionsville
YoungFletcher Jamestown
YoungMilt Jamestown
YountNick White Lick
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