1878 Boone County Farmers

1878 Names and P. O. Addresses of Farmers in Indiana
Title page to Names and P. O. Addresses of Farmers in Indiana

As a “house-warming” gift from Sheryl McClure, the present SC of Indiana AHGP we received this list of farmers and their post office addresses for 1878. Sheryl extracted this from the “Names and P. O. Addresses of Farmers in Indiana” published in 1878 by P.P. Mast & Co., in Springfield, OH. The data is specific to Boone County Indiana only, and lists the names of farmers along with their post office.

1878 Names and P. O. Addresses of Farmers in Indiana

SurnameGivenPost Office
AdairJohn Jr. Lebanon
AdairJohn Sr. Lebanon
AdairWilliam Lebanon
AlfordAndrew Zionsville
AlfordM. Zionsville
AlmondE. Zionsville
AndersonH. S. Zionsville
AndersonJames Zionsville
AndersonW. N. Zionsville
ApplegateO. P. Thorntown
ApplegateOliver Thorntown
AsburyJoseph Zionsville
AshleyThomas Jamestown
AtchisonJ. J. Zionsville
AtchisonW. J. Zionsville
BaberWilliam Jamestown
BadenSamuel Whitestown
BakeE. P. Lebanon
BakerJohn Jamestown
BallJohn M. Lebanon
BallardJoe Jamestown
BarnhardAmbrose Whitestown
BarnhillDavid Zionsville
BarnhillRobert Zionsville
BeakmanThomas Jamestown
BeardDavid Zionsville
BeasleyJohn E. Lebanon
BeatyJohn Whitestown
BeckEdwin Jamestown
BeckJohn Whitestown
BeckJohn A. Lebanon
BeckJohn S. Lebanon
BeckLarkin Zionsville
BeckWesley Jamestown
BeelerJesse H. Zionsville
BeelerJoseph Zionsville
BeelerWilliam Zionsville
BeelerPhilip Zionsville
BellJames Northfield
BellJames Zionsville
BerkleySamuel Whitestown
BerryClay Zionsville
BiggRason Jamestown
BinfordDave Thorntown
BinfordDavid Thorntown
BishopElias Whitestown
BlackJohn Lebanon
BlackburnJohn Lebanon
BohannonWiley Whitestown
BooherV. L. Whitestown
BookerBen Whitestown
BowenAra Zionsville
BowenJesse Zionsville
BowenMr. Zionsville
BradburyTurner Jamestown
BraesheadWilliam Lebanon
BraggJames Lebanon
BrakefieldEly Zionsville
BrandJohn W. Thorntown
BranghardJames T. Lebanon
BreedloveG. W. Zionsville
BreeseMoses Lebanon
BrendleEd Zionsville
BrendleJohn F. Zionsville
BrinkleyMartin Zionsville
BrockGeorge Zionsville
BrockPryor Zionsville
BrockSamuel N. Zionsville
BrondJohn Thorntown
BrownJohn C. Lebanon
BrownJohn S. Thorntown
BrownSeth Thorntown
BruntHenry Jamestown
BuchananSam Zionsville
BuddEto Jamestown
BurnsPatric Zionsville
BushA. Jamestown
BuskitWilliam Zionsville
BussellHarvey Zionsville
BussellManson Zionsville
BussellW. H. Zionsville
ByrketGeorge Whitestown
CaldwellAlvin Elizaville
CaldwellEdward Lebanon
CaldwellJames H. Thorntown
CaldwellJohn Thorntown
CaldwellJohn R. Thorntown
CaldwellMilton Jamestown
CaldwellNat Jamestown
CaldwellRobert A. Thorntown
CaldwellThomas Thorntown
CaldwellWilliam Thorntown
CampbellDick Thorntown
CampbellJohn Thorntown
CampbellM. D. Jr. Thorntown
CampbellM. D. Sr. Thorntown
CampbellMike Thorntown
CamplinJ. H. & Son Jamestown
CareyWilliam Whitestown
CareyWilliam G. Thorntown
CarrMadison Whitestown
CartherRichard Zionsville
CaryWilliam O. Whitestown
CasanWilliam N. Thorntown
CaseJonas Zionsville
ChambersLewis Jamestown
ChawnerJohn Thorntown
CinhautzJohn K. Lebanon
ClarkStephen Thorntown
ClarkSteven Thorntown
ClashB. Y. Zionsville
ClineSanford Whitestown
ClowHenry Zionsville
CollinIsaac Zionsville
ConnWilliam Zionsville
ConoverSkank Zionsville
ConradC. W. Zionsville
ConradGeorge Thorntown
ConradMartin Zionsville
ConradN. H. Zionsville
ConradRichard Zionsville
CookSamuel Jamestown
CoombsNelson Jamestown
CoombsW. H. Jamestown
CouchJ. B. Jamestown
CoxAmbraus Thorntown
CoxAsa Thorntown
CoxAustin Zionsville
CoxDaniel Jamestown
CoxGeorge Jr. Jamestown
CoxGeorge Sr. Jamestown
CoxJohn White Lick
CragunHiram Whitestown
CragunHiram Zionsville
CragunNeb Whitestown
CragunNeb Zionsville
CrainSamuel M. Whitestown
CroseBenjamin Jr. Thorntown
CroseBenjamin Sr. Thorntown
CroseDavid Thorntown
CrossBen Thorntown
CrossDave Thorntown
CrossJohn Jamestown
CrossJohn Zionsville
CrossLem Zionsville
CrumpW. C. Jamestown
CruseSolomon Zionsville
CullyRobert Zionsville
CumminsJ. R. Zionsville
CunninghamAlfred Lebanon
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