Marriage Licenses Issued Published in the Boonville Enquirer Warrick County, Indiana 1/1/1869 to 10/28/1896

Marriage Licenses Issued, Boonville Enquirer, 1869-1896

ALLEN, Samuel P.CRANE, Nancy04/09/1879Warrick Chronicle
ASHLEY, Wm. A.WILLIAMS, Frances E.01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
BARD, John M.STEPHENS, Margaret C.01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
BARNETT, Charles W.MISCAL, America01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
BARNETT, J. A.CASEY, Elizabeth Boonville Enquirer
BARNETT, S. E.MORRIS, Lucy A.Boonville Enquirer
BARTON, Wm. BWELLS, Mary01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
BAUGH, JohnKEELER, Marietta Boonville Enquirer
BECKER, AugustHAYWORTH, ? E04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
BESING, F.KOHLMEYER, LuiseBoonville Enquirer
BILDERBACK, JamesCOX, LouisaBoonville Enquirer
BILL, Alexander A.HUSK, HelenBoonville Enquirer
BORDERY, H. B.THOMPSON, MaryBoonville Enquirer
BOWMAN, R.JAMES, Caroline A.Boonville Enquirer
BOYER, A. L.BENNETT, Sarah M.Boonville Enquirer
BRANT, Selwin ASWINT, Anna KatherineBoonville Enquirer
BRIEL, John J.WELZ, Pauline06/04/1879Warrick Chronicle
BRISCOE, Daniel M.HERMIAN, Louisa J.01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
BROSHEARS, AbijahLINK, KatieBoonville Enquirer
BROWN, AustinJULIAN, Martha01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
BROWN, W. F.PHIULLIPS, Mary J.Boonville Enquirer
BUSH, Joseph H.I?SLEY, Martha J. Boonville Enquirer
BUTCHER, WilliamGREER, Sarah E.04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
BYERS, StanleySKELTON, Martha01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
CISSNA, Samuel J.BELL, Sapphrona Ann01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
CLUTTER, EmeryFUQUAY, Colista04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
COLLINS, J. T.BAKER, Bartha A.Boonville Enquirer
COLVIN, GeorgeCHATMAN, Emeline Boonville Enquirer
CONDIET, E.MORRIS, ArenaBoonville Enquirer
COOKEY, Wm.JONES, Elmira N. (colored)06/04/1879Warrick Chronicle
CORWIN, StephenTHOMPSON, Mary Boonville Enquirer
CROMEANS, GeorgeGARWOOD, Angie Boonville Enquirer
CROW, John J.MORRIS, Elizabeth01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
CURRY, Andrew J.CURRY, Josephine04/09/1879Warrick Chronicle
DAVIS, Zacheriah S.KETCHUM, Angeline01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
EBLE, SolomonHERR, Mary Ann01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
EVANS, Samuel A.WHITTEN, Sarah P.06/04/1879Warrick Chronicle
FARIS, John T.BULLOCK, Lydia04/09/1879Warrick Chronicle
FLIAN, Geo. W.OSBORN, Anna L.01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
FLORA, John T.FILAMON, Dora01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
FRANZ, JacobWEIERBACHER, KateBoonville Enquirer
FREEMAN, Charles V.ASHLEY, Lou. Ann A.01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
FRIELDS, W.BSMITH, RachelBoonville Enquirer
FUQUAY, SilasROBERTSON, Martha01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
GARDNER, Winfield S.MERRITT, Nancy M.01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
GENTRY, John S.MILLER, Mary A.Boonville Enquirer
GOINS, Wm R.CHENOWITH, Druzilla M.01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
GRAVES, W.H.CAIN, Martha A.04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
GRAY, Henry T.PEARCE, Emma04/09/1879Warrick Chronicle
GROER, Wm H.LENN, Molly M.01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
GUNN, Charles W.LISLIE, MaryBoonville Enquirer
HADLEY, M. H.PARKER, C. J.04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
HAINES, J.TOOLEY, Lucenda R.Boonville Enquirer
HAMILTON, TelerayndHILL, Lucinda01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
HARGER, C.BULLOCK, Viola J.Boonville Enquirer
HART, David L.SWINT, TheresaBoonville Enquirer
HARTER, Geo. H.CAMPBELL, Salina01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
HARTER, NicholasTULEY, America Ann01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
HEDGE, James S.NICHOLSON, Margaret01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
HEDGES, JamesTAYLOR, Minerva J.01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
HEIBLER, DavidLITZENBERGER, Elizabeth Boonville Enquirer
HENSE, DavidSTEPHENS, Laura04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
HENZEL, MichaelLAUBSHERS, Catharine04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
HESSEN, Samuel M.FARMER, Louisa C. Boonville Enquirer
HESSON, JohnISAACS, Ferranda01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
HILL, JohnPAXTON, Hannah (COLORED.)Boonville Enquirer
HILL, RobertMONROE, Eleanor01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
HILLENBRANDT,JohnJUDSON, Amanda04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
HINMAN, Samuel P.BAKER, Nancy01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
HODGES, J.LESLIE, PollieBoonville Enquirer
HOFFMAN, John H.HINES, Martha M.01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
HUDSON, E. J.GREEN, NancyBoonville Enquirer
HUNSUCKER, A.S.ALLEN, Clementine01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
HUNT, JamesWHETSTONE, Rutha01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
HUNTER, WillisGORDON, Sarah Boonville Enquirer
HURLEY, EliWILLIAMS, Opha01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
HYNES, CorneliusBOYD, Elizabeth T.01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
JEFFRIE, JosiahFIELDS, Elizabeth04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
KELLER, LouisROTH, MaryBoonville Enquirer
KERER, AdamBAKER, Louisa01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
KITCHEN, John A.AVORY, Emily E.01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
KREIGER, CharlesLITZENBERGER, Catherine01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
KREIKHANS, WmBLACKHART, Anna01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
LAGRAND, L. P.CLINTON, Nannie L.Boonville Enquirer
LANG, HenryHARGER, S. J.04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
LANGFORD, SamuelLUSK, Mariah01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
LAREYS, OttoGARDNER, Eliza01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
LOWTHER, D.FREEMAN, IdaBoonville Enquirer
LUTZ, MelchoirBETHELL, LillieBoonville Enquirer
MADDEN, J. E.WILSON, MargaretBoonville Enquirer
MARSHALL, ThomasMCCOOL, Alice04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
MARTIN, J. M.CAMP, Viola C.Boonville Enquirer
MATERS, James H.HODGES, Mary Jane Boonville Enquirer
MCCOOL, J. E.DUBOIS, Amanda J.Boonville Enquirer
MCCOOL, WmBURNETT, Martha A. Boonville Enquirer
MCDONALD, J.LOSWOK, LucyBoonville Enquirer
MCNEELY, S.J.MURSER, Lucy J.Boonville Enquirer
MCSWANE, Z.T.CHERRY, Lucinda E. Boonville Enquirer
MCWILLIAMS, John T.THOMPSON, Mary E.04/09/1879Warrick Chronicle
MEADON, EdwardTURPIN, Susanna04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
MEYET, HenrySCHNIZ, Paulina04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
MILES, Reuben A.WILLIAMS, Mary E.01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
MILLER, ColemanBOHALL, Rachael Boonville Enquirer
MONTGOMERY, George W.BROSCHE, Sarah E. Boonville Enquirer
MORRIS, John T.CHAMBERS, Sarah04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
MOTTLEY, Wm. P.GRANT, Sarah01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
NEFF, SimonPERKINS, Charity04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
NICHOLSON, JosephBARNETT, Alpha T.01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
PACE, John W.SHARP, Nancy01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
PACK, ArchibaldTAYLOR, Sarah Ann01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
PAGETT, G. W.SIMMS, Sara J.Boonville Enquirer
PAMPLIM, CollansHICKS, SusanBoonville Enquirer
PASCO, A. H.PEREY, Catharine04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
PEARSON, Lewis S.MCCARTY, V. A.04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
PERRY, JamesJEFFRIES, Arvila E.Boonville Enquirer
PERRY, JosephLOWE, Alice Jane01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
POOL, Marcas L.PRYER, Martha01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
PORTER, HenryBROSHEARS, Betty (COL'D)Boonville Enquirer
PRICE, Robert D.MONDON, Isabel01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
QUINLY, J. T.HEDGE, ElizabethBoonville Enquirer
REAVIS, William J.ALLEN, Florence04/09/1879Warrick Chronicle
RICHARDSON, J.W.SPRINKLE, Margaret E.01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
RITCHEL, HBARCLAY, SallyBoonville Enquirer
ROBERTS, Chas. H.McNEELY, Elisha J.01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
ROBERTS, Euphratus A.PEMBERTON, Lucy Ann01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
ROBERTS, J. M.BRADLEY, JosephineBoonville Enquirer
ROBINSON, Thomas J.BASS, Sarah Elizabeth01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
ROEHLER, FrederickWEGEMAN, Catharine Boonville Enquirer
ROYER, David M.MARTS, Sheba04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
RUARK, Wm H.EDWARDS, F. C.Boonville Enquirer
SALTZMAN, P.CURRY, Sara E.Boonville Enquirer
SARGENT, Eugene H.SYNDER, MamiaBoonville Enquirer
SCOTT, DanielERWIN, Nancy01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
SEELEY, O. A.RISHER, Alice A.Boonville Enquirer
SHELTON, Elijah M.MONRE, Sarah J.01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
SHRIVER, HenryWILLIAMS, Ellen01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
SHULZ, WmGEORGES, Caroline01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
SIMITH, H. M.MONTGOMERY, S. E.04/01/1875Boonville Enquirer
SIMPSON, Squire MPEARCE, Florinda04/09/1879Warrick Chronicle
SMALL, Geo.LACER, Caroline01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
STAINMIN, LewisSHERRY, Elizabeth01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
STEPHENS, Daniel C.SIMPSON, America M.01/07/1869Boonville Enquirer
STEWART, Berry Y.DAY, Laura A.01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
SUTHERLAND, G. W.MCQUARY, MaryBoonville Enquirer
TAYLOR, GeorgeCUNNINGHAM, Sally Boonville Enquirer
TENNESON, James F.HOOK, Minerva B. Boonville Enquirer
TEVAULT, Leander C.GORE, Matilda Boonville Enquirer
TOOL, WeirBRYANT, MandaBoonville Enquirer
TOTTEN, George W.CROYTON, Isadora01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
TREMAIN, S. J.JENKINS, Frances01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
VEECK, C.SEIGEL, Anna E.Boonville Enquirer
WALLACE, A.W.BROWN, Rosanna Boonville Enquirer
WALLACE, J.T.POWERS, Minerva J.Boonville Enquirer
WALTON, James T.GENTRY, Nancy M.01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
WATERS, F.STEPHENS, MalindaBoonville Enquirer
WEBER, CharlesBATCH, AnnaBoonville Enquirer
WHITE, Dewit C.MIRICK, Sallie J.01/01/1869Boonville Enquirer
WHITE, J. R.STANLEY, MargaretBoonville Enquirer
WILKERSON, H. W.MEECE, ElmiraBoonville Enquirer
WILLIAMS, J. C.WATSON, RachaelBoonville Enquirer
WILLIAMS, R. D.VINCENT, LizzieBoonville Enquirer
WILLIS, Henry H.MADEN, Rachael E. Boonville Enquirer
WINFREY, EHAMILTON, LouisaBoonville Enquirer
WOOD, J.WUNDERSCHIER, MaryBoonville Enquirer
YOUNG, AustinGEE, Samantha Boonville Enquirer
YOUNG, WmSIMS, MaryBoonville Enquirer
YOUNGBLOOD, J. A.GOENS, JaneBoonville Enquirer