St. James Episcopal Church Parish Register, 1929-1956

The St. James Episcopal Church in Goshen, Indiana, has an official handwritten parish register that covers the period from 1929 to 1956. This valuable resource documents the church’s baptisms, confirmations, communicants, marriages, and burials during those years.

The third volume of register starts out differently than the previous two volumes. It includes an index of names at the start of the volume. Also on page 41 (image 39) you will find a list of the 28 rectors who had served St. James Episcopal Church since 1859 and up to 1968 including their dates of service. From page 42 there are a couple of newspaper clippings from the Democrat providing a brief biography of Rev. Ernest W. S. Scully.

Communicants start on page 46 (image 46) and the first 153 are listed in alphabetical order, indicating that they were all existing members on 1 Jul 1930 when the new register was started. The first new communicant is #154, Mary F. Martin who entered as a communicant of St. James Episcopal Church on 15 Nov 1930 from Canada. She was removed from the rolls in 1936 due to her decease.

Baptisms start on page 70 (image 92). These baptismal records show the full name of the individual being baptized, sex, their parents names, and sponsors or witnesses of the baptism and the opposite page provides the birth date and place, baptism date and place, and the officiating minister. On page 70 we find that John Jacob Bullock, male, son of George Anderson and Margaret (Omler) Bullock was baptized, by A. L. Schrock, at St. James Episcopal Church on the Evening of Trinity Sunday, or 5 June 1932 [1]Trinity Sunday is the first Sunday after Pentecost and its date varies each year according to the Gregorian calendar. In 1932, Pentecost was on May 29th, so Trinity Sunday would have been on June … Continue reading John was born on 14 May 1921 at Elkhart, Indiana.

Confirmations start on page 114 (image 114) and the first listing shows the confirmation of George Arthur Peter Jewell, male, born 18 Nov 1885 in Cornwall, England, baptized in Jan 1886 at Truro, England, and presented for confirmation on 6 Apr 1929 at St. James Episcopal Church by Albert Linnell Schrock, Priest, with the Rt. Rev. Campbell Gray, D.D., S.T.D., Bishop of N. Indiana confirming.

Burials start on page 134 (image 134) where the full name of the deceased, sex, age, BCC rites, last residence, date of death, cause of death, place of internment, date of burial, and the minister performing the burial rites. On page 138 (image 142) we find William Jack Latta, male, of Flushing, Long Island, New York, who died 6 Sep 1945 and was buried in the Violet Cemetery on 17 Jun 1946 by John C. R. Peterson, priest.

The marriage records in volume 3 are no longer in the form of a register, but instead appear similar to that of a certificate of marriage. These marriage records start on page 154 (image 154) and show the names of the bride and groom, the date and place of marriage ceremony, whether the groom was a bachelor or widow, and the bride a maiden or widow, their ages, residences, parents, signatures of both as well as at least two witnesses and the signature of the officiating minister. No. 29-1 is the marriage on 15 Jul 1929 at St. James Episcopal Church of Murrell K. Widney, bachelor, 27 yrs old, of Auburn, Indiana, and La Verna M. Nesbitt, maiden, 24 yrs old, of Gerrett, Indiana. The parents of the groom were John and Florence (Waite) Widney and the parents of the bride were Roos J. and Harriett (Huntley) Nesbitt., both Ross and Harriett signing that they witnessed the marriage. The priest, Albert Linnell Schrock performed the ceremony.

Marriage 29-1 St James Episcopal Church, Goshen, Indiana
Marriage 29-1 St James Episcopal Church, Goshen, Indiana

The family section seen in both of the two earlier volumes is no longer present in this third volume.

1929-1956 Register

Surnames Mentioned:

Abshire, Abts, Aitken, Allen, Ankney, Austin, Avery, Baker, Bartleman, Bartlett, Bates, Battle, Beane, Beaton, Beatty, Beddow, Bender, Benitez, Benson, Beverstein, Beyer, Bishop, Bittle, Blakesley, Blanding, Blough, Bluhm, Blum, Bollinger, Bornfield, Boutelier, Bowman, Brant, Brown, Brumbaugh, Bryner, Buck, Bullock, Burger, Burke, Burkett, Burns, Burr, Caggan, Campbell, Carpenter, Case, Cass, Chandler, Charmley, Clark, Clarke, Coleman, Comstock, Cook, Cookingham, Coppes, Corella, Craig, Crandall, Crook, Culp, Cushing, Dausman, davis, De Graff, Dewin, Dorsey, Dow, Drahl, Driskel, Druley, Dugdale, Eastman, Egbert, Elliott, English, Engman, Etsinger, Evans, Fairchild, Farr, Farrell, Fedell, Flanigan, Fobes, Foulks, Freeman, French, Frieden, Gage, Garoutte, German, Gibson, Gilbert, Gilchrist, Golden, Gorham, Gotschall, Graff, Green, Griffith, Haas, Haberstich, Haddad, Hagerty, Hall, Hanson, Harper, Hartzler, Hartzog, Hasler, Hay, Heaton, Hern, Heyde, Higgins, Hile, Holdman, Hoops, Hoppes, Hostettler, Housour, Howard, Hubbell, Huff, Irvin, Jackman, Jebens, Jenkinson, Jewell, Johns, Johnson, Juday, Kain, Kauffman, Kehr, Kelly, Kennedy, Kercher, Kernodle, Kerr, Ketchum, Kinnison, Kintigh, Kintion, Knapp, Knight, Kocher, Koenig, Kolb, Krum, Kutz, Landon, Larrabee, Latta, Lemon, Letherman, Libes, Lichtenwalter, lothian, Lung, Martin, Mayer, McCarus, McClurr, McConnell, McCoy, McCumsey, McDougal, McMahan, Meng, Messick, Miller, Miltenberger, Mitchell, morrice, Mosier, Mountjoy, Moyse, Mull, Murphy, Myers, Nesbitt, Neumann, Nies, Nylee, Oswald, Pattun, Paul, Payne, Pearse, Peck, Penn, Perkins, Perry, Peterson, Phillips, Plank, Powell, Price, Pryor, Quade, Ragsdale, Ramseyer, Randolph, Rea, Reafsnyder, Reed, Rexford, Rice, Rickett, Rink, Rippey, Roberts, Robinson, Rockwell, Rogers, Rour, Rupholdt, Russ, Sadler, Sample, Sandham, Sanks, Schirm, Schrock, Scroggins, Searls, Sellers, Seybert, Shannahan, Shaw, Shipman, Shoots, Shroup, Sillman, Simon, Skatwold, Slayton, Smith, Smoot, Snake, Snediker, Snobarger, Snodbarger, Snyder, Spohn, Sponseller, Stansbury, Starr, Steffey, Stenves, Stevens, Stone, Stonex, Stoops, Stringfellow, Strope, Stroup, Stuart, Sudlow, Swanbery, Swart, Swartz, Taft, Teeter, Terwilliger, Thomas, Thompson, Tilley, Tom, Toms, Trainor, Trilby, Troeger, Ulery, Underwood, Vance, Viant, Voorhees, Wade, Wagner, waltman, Waterman, Weaver, Wellbourn, Westfall, Westphal, Whitlark, Whitner, Widney, Wiederman, Wiedman, Williams, Willsey, Winans, Winter, Wintringham, Wolfe, Woodworth, Worth, Wysong, Xanders, Yoder, and Zollinger.


Saint James Episcopal Church (Goshen, Ind.), St. James Episcopal Church, Goshen, Indiana, parish register, 1929-1956, Goshen, Indiana: Saint James Episcopal Church, 1956.


1Trinity Sunday is the first Sunday after Pentecost and its date varies each year according to the Gregorian calendar. In 1932, Pentecost was on May 29th, so Trinity Sunday would have been on June 5th, 1932.

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