Primitive Baptist Church Records for Boone County, Indiana

Thorntown, Mount Union, Union, Eagle Creek, Mount’s Run, Cynthiana, First Liberty, Big White Lick, Clear Creek, and part of Mt. Tabor, left the Danville Association and organized the Mt. Tabor Means Baptist Association. This division occurred between about 1889 and 1892. Clear Creek Church returned to the Primitive Baptists a few years later and was restored.

Eagle Creek Church

2 Miles North Of Zionsville

Eagle Creek Church was organized in 1829 at the home of David Hoover. The charter members were George Dodson, Elizabeth King, Frederick Grendell and wife, John King, Thomas Dodson, Polly Dodson, Robert Dodson, Mary Dodson, Samuel Lane and wife, Edward Bradly, David Marsh, John Dulin and wife, Squire Dulin and wife, James Peters and wife, and Robert Dulin and wife. Elder James McCoy is believed to be the first minister to have preached in this township. Eagle Creek Church became a member of the Danville Association.

The first meeting house was a rough log building. The second was erected in about 1850, costing about $600.

Surnames Of Members:

Bradley, Dodson, Dulin, Gifford, Grendell, Harvey, King, Lane, Marsh, Peters, Phillips (very incomplete due to records not having been located).

Mt. Gilead Primitive Baptist Church

Mount Union Church

Mount Union Church was a member of the Danville Association.

Surnames Of Members:

Dickerson, Griggs, Hinton, Metzger, Shirley, Spicklemire, Turner (very incomplete list due to not having located the records).

Mt. Tabor Church

North Of Brownsburg – 1835

Mt. Tabor Church was organized at the home of William Turner, on the third Saturday in July, 1835, with fifteen charter members, viz., Edmund Shirley, Benjamin Smith, Lewis Smith, Daniel Shirley, James Smith, William Smith, William Edwards, William Turner, Philadelphia Shirley, Susan Smith, Nancy Smith, Elizabeth Shirley, S. R. Francis Nash, Matilda Turner, and E. P. Harding. The presbytery was composed of Elders and brethren from Eagle Creek, Thorntown, Mt. Gilead, Union, Big White Lick, and Little White Lick churches, viz., Elder George Dodson (moderator), Thomas Bradley, John Phillips, John Turner, Squire Osborn, Jacob Jones, Lewis Dewees, Thomas Heathen, Hampton Pennington, Parsley Shirley, Ezekiel Shirley, Abraham Spekelman, James Parsley, and Caleb Shirley.

The church met in private homes for worship for some time, and afterward built a log house where they met for many years. A frame building was erected at a cost of $800 which seated four hundred people. It was located on a high piece of ground with the cemetery nearby.

The church was a member of the Danville Association. By 1889 the church had 168 members, but suffered a division, and the minority maintained the original tenets of the church and after a struggle in the court system, also obtained the use of the meeting house.

Surnames Of Members:

Bray, Clements, Dickerson, Eaton, Edwards, Gibbs, Green, Hardin, Harding, Keeney, Leap, McDaniel, Nash, Pennington, Pointer, Roberts, Robins, Schenck, Shepherd, Shirley, Smith, Stoker, Todd, Turner, Williams (very incomplete due to records not having been located).

Mount’s Run Church

Lebanon – 1837

Mount’s Run Church was organized on October 7, 1837, with charter members, viz., John Allen, Sarah Ruble, Sally Johnson, John Spencer, John Lane, Samuel Dooly, Liney Dooly, James Peters, Lucy Peters, J. B. Allen, and James Allen. Elder George Dodson and Brethren John King and Samuel Lane formed the presbytery. The church met, at first, in a log building, until 1878, when a brick building, 36 by 48 feet, at a cost of $2,200, with a capacity of about 500. The pastors have included Elders George Dodson, Abraham Smock, Benjamin Harris, John Kinder, John Hawkins, H. I. Salla, Wilson Thompson, James Abston, and Allen McDaniel. The first trustees were John Dulin, James Peters, and Squire Dooly; they were succeeded by J. H. Peters, J. P. Stark, and J. W. Abbott. The church house is located in Union township, nine miles east of Lebanon on the Noblesville road. A beautiful cemetery adjoins the property on the south.

Surnames Of Members:

Abbott, Allen, Dooly, Dulin, Isenhour, Lane, Northcut, Peters, Ruble, Shoemaker, Spencer, Stark, Starkes (very incomplete list due to not having located the records).

Cynthianna Church

Cynthianna Church was a member of the Danville Association.

Surnames Of Members:

Alexander, Anderson, Boyd, Chambers, Dickerson, Dooley, Hamrick, Higgins, Holmes, Leap, Northcutt, Shirley, Smith, Swails, White (very incomplete due to records not having been located).

Little Flock Church

North Of Scircleville

Little Flock Church was organized in 1853 at the home of Bro. William Oliphant. Elder John Kinder was the first pastor and served for several years. Elder John R. Daily united with this church in 1871, and later served as pastor here.

Surnames Of Members:

Calhoun, Carter, Daily, Davis, Finney, Nichols, Oliphant, Perkins, Woodard (very incomplete due to records not having been located).

Antioch Church

2 1/2 Miles North Of Lizton

Antioch Church was organized on May 7, 1870, at the Parr School House, with twelve charter members, who were dismissed from Eagle Creek Church, viz., William P. Jones, Minerva Jones, Thomas J. Jones, Martha J. Jones, Benjamin M. Richardson, Anna Richardson, William Richardson, Cordelia Richardson, James Hooper, Harmon Newman, Nancy Wheeler, and Elizabeth Bailey. The presbytery was composed of Elders William Baker, Jesse Jackson, and George Weaver, and Brethren A. F. Uitts, John H. Baker, Samuel West, Evan Evans, Nicholas Yount, William J. Tyner, Benjamin Southard, John Hanger, and Henry Caudell.

Meetings were held at the Parr School house until about 1872, when a building was erected, two miles north of Big Spring, on land purchased from William A. Bell. The original building was remodeled in 1938-1939 and electrical wiring was installed.

Antioch Church was a member of the Danville Association, and later of the Conn’s Creek Association (until that association closed in 1939). Pastors of the church included Elders Jesse Jackson, Joel Kemper, William P. Jones, A. B. Nay, Thomas J. Jones, S. J. West, L. B. Ragan, G. B. Greene, Noah Ford, Levi Williams, Ernest Bradley, Cecil Fuson, Raymond C. Jones, and Homer J. Cox.

Surnames Of Members:

Bailey, Belcher, Burke, Carney, Dinsmore, Graham, Graybill, Haffner, Hall, Harrison, Hooper, Huffer, Jackson, Jones, Joseph, Newman, Northcutt, Pounds, Ragsdale, Richardson, Sanders, Schenck, Smith, Toten, Wheeler, Woodard, Wrentfro (very incomplete due to records not yet having been obtained).

Mt. Calvary Church


Mt. Calvary Church, at Advance, was a member of the Danville Association.

Pisgah Church


Pisgah Church was located about five miles northeast of New Ross, or three miles south of Brown. The church was a member of the Danville Association.

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